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About AMI

excellence in property management

Association Management Inc. has been providing community management services in the tri-county area since, 1973. Services range from Accounting to Accounting and Consulting, and/or Full Service Property Management and Accounting.

At the present time, AMI’s management portfolio consists of more than 80 communities representing one billion dollars in real property values. A substantial number of these locations include management of pools, tennis courts, and clubhouse facilities. There are approximately 9,000 families residing in communities managed by AMI.

Job descriptions are developed in relation to individual account management needs. With input from the Association’s Board of Directors and/or Committees, several management items are considered so as to establish a well thought-out working relationship between the Board, our Property Managers, and Management Coordinators.

Portfolio Over $1B
Area Oakland | Macomb | Wayne
Communities 80+ Communities
Families Served 11,000+

The AMI Advantage

Communities that retain AMI gain access to personnel who will work with the Board and Committees to target and achieve four essential goals of successful management.


Attention to the site so as to maintain a Desirable Visual Impact; a well-groomed and always presentable appearance of the buildings and common areas.

Financial stability

Money management that targets Financial Stability by maintaining a positive financial position with an aggressive plan for collections and future funding of reserves.


A plan for Co-Owner Communications that includes a systematic approach to exchanging information between the Board, Management and Co-Owners.

long-range planning

Maintenance management planning to achieve Effective Maintenance Programs to include not only day to day objectives, but also long range planning and preventative maintenance.


A brighter tomorrow for your community

At AMI we believe each community holds something special, something unique which drew you to make it your home. We believe to achieve the fullest potential possible, one must acknowledge those differences and work to bring them to their full potential. Potential fulfilled is realized through services designed to provide special talent and skills necessary beyond the generic day to day routines.

This is AMI; understanding regardless of common concerns and needs, your community is special. It is your home.  

If our brief description of who we are, what we believe, and our 50 year history leads you to desire further exploration please contact us today.

We’ll arrange an opportunity for us to learn more about you, share more about us, and how together, we may make the fullest potential for your home and community a reality. 


Curt Norrod, President
Association Management Inc.

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