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Modification Request Form

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1. All applicable codes and regulations will be followed and all necessary permits will be obtained at my/our expense.

2. I/we have read all applicable sections of the Bylaws and I/we understand same.

3. All maintenance of this Alteration/Modification will be performed at my/our expense.

4. I/we understand that, should any legal, regulatory agency require, at any time in the future, modifications to this variance, they will be done at my/our expense.

5. Any maintenance cost incurred by the Association, as a result of this variance, will be at my/our expense.

6. This alteration/variance/modification is subject to all the requirements of the Bylaws, occupancy agreements and other applicable regulations at the Board of Director’s discretion.

7. I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to advise future assigns and/or owners of the unit of this modification and of their responsibility for same.

8. All of the above information is truthful and accurate.

9. No work shall commence until written approval is received.

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Max. file size: 50 MB.

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